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When selection is an ATTITUDE...


We pride ourselves on producing healthy and correct poodles in all of the varieties.


Only breeding when it is necessary to add to our family.


Being fortunate enough to have produced more than 50 Champions World Wide


Often we have also assisted many other Poodle breeders in obtaining many Champions for their programs.


We have been breeding all four varieties of Poodles since 1999.Under our two prefix's: Class Line and Giulfo.


Each and every poodle is a large part of our home, lives and they are our family.


Taking pride in ourselves on producing healthy and correct poodles.


On occasion, there are selectively added dogs to our Class Line and Giulfo breeding programs.

Thank you to their breeders for allowing us to bring them into our home in Italy.


Our successes over the past 15 years has allowed us to breed, show and own more than 100 Poodles to a Championship title.

Adamo & Matteo
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